Holy Trinity Feast – Year A

Holy Trinity Sunday, Cycle A

Pulpit Plan

Theme : What kind of God is revealed to us?

1st Reading: Exodus 34: 4-6.8-9

Responsorial Psalm : Dn 3

2nd Reading : 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13

Gospel : John 3:16-18

  • Who believes in God? – come on, hands up!!
  • Who loves God? Who knows God?
  • So then, if you have said yes to the above, how would you describe him (her/it) to someone who had never heard of God; who doesn’t know God?
  • What does God look like?
    • What words would you use?
    • What image would you use?
  • For us Catholic Christians, we believe that there is one God; do you believe that?
    • If yes, how would you describe the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
    • How would you describe their relationship to each other and to us?
  • Tough, is it not?!
  • And because it is tough, we are tempted to resort to thinking of the Trinity – of God – as a theoretical doctrine!
  • But that is unhelpful for us and for the person who does not know God!
  • Everything we believe as Catholic Christians is grounded in the salvation of our souls!
    • Nothing we believe is merely theoretical, it is – as I said at Wednesday evening’s Theology Uncorked session – important for everyday life!
  • If we tackle the mystery of the Trinity from this point – it will come alive for us and God will no longer be a stranger to us!
  • By looking at what God does for us, we discover God!
    • His activity reveals him!
  • Ancient peoples had always believed God to be a powerful and terrible ruler, quick to be annoyed and quick to punish!
  • So, imagine, how surprised the Hebrew people would have been on Mount Sinai to discover that God is completely different to that!
    • He does not threaten, or cause us to tremble in fear and anxiety!
    • He is a Father who looks at us with tenderness, understands our faults and mistakes and loves us, even when we sin!
  • The Gospel does not deal in abstractions but confronts us in a very concrete way with the activity of the Trinity
    • It tells us that God so loved the world, that he sent his son so that he could be with us!
  • This activity reveals the Trinity as LOVE
    • And love is always about relationship, about community!
    • Our God is community – a relationship of love!
  • So, what does this revelation of God mean for us – our theology CANNOT remain theory remember!?
    • If our God is a God of love, a God of community, a God that understands and forgives, what does this mean?!
  • It means we are to strive to be the same – if we are his followers, his disciples!
  • We have to be people committed to community – more specifically – a loving, understanding and forgiving community!
    • And that is not the work of one person – the priest – that is the work of each and every Catholic Christian!
  • S. Lewis argues in “The Four Loves” that the best place to support a friendship is in a small circle of friends!
    • The same is true for faith-based relationships – they need to be sustained and strengthened in groups
    • That is why in our parish we have established Vine Groups!
  • Discipleship is all about simple steps, and when we have partners on the path, the journey is less difficult!
  • I believe that the Church of the future will be one built from below by basic communities
    • Made up of people building authentic relationships rooted in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!
  • I know that for many Catholics, small groups are strange and fearful places!
    • (even though that’s how our Church began???)
  • But the central doctrine of Christianity is the truth that in God there are three persons.
  • This is a mystery we celebrate today, even though we cannot grasp its full meaning!
  • But it is a mystery that reveals how God exists and operates: in intimate relationship!
  • The community we commit to build must reflect the Trinity
    • A place of love and mercy!
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