The Benemerenti Medal is awarded by the Pope to members of the clergy and laity for service to the Catholic Church. Originally established as an award for soldiers in the Papal Army, it is now a civil decoration.

The Benemerenti Medal was first awarded by Pope Pius VI (1775–1799) as a military decoration. In 1925, the concept of awarding this medal as a mark of recognition to persons in service of the Catholic Church, both civil and military, lay and clergy alike, became acceptable. The current version of the Benemerenti medal was designed by Pope Paul VI. The medal is a gold Greek Cross depicting Christ with his hand raised in blessing. On the left arm of the cross is the tiara and crossed keys symbol of the papacy. On the right arm is the coat of arms of the current Pope. The medal is suspended from a yellow and white ribbon, the colors of the Papacy. 


02 June 2022 -Myrna Cane and Jonny Cane 

25 June 2022 – Colleen Pieterse and Merle Jackson


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