Assumption of Mary – Year A

Assumption of Mary Cycle A

Pulpit Plan

Theme                         :           Praise and Thanksgiving change our perspective!

1st Reading                  :           Revelation 11:19; 12:1-6.10

Responsorial Psalm      :           Ps 45

2nd Reading                  :           1 Corinthians 15:20-27

Gospel                         :           Luke 1:39-56

  • What do we do when things look impossible?
    • What do we do when faced with life’s obstacles, surprises, hurts and disappointments!
  • For very nearly 40 years, a giant block of marble, sitting in grounds of the cathedral in Florence, was left untouched by every sculptor who examined it!
  • The problem was that the first artist who had tried to sculpt from the rock had left a hole running all the way through it!
    • None of the artists that followed could figure out how to work with such an imperfection!
  • It was not until 1501 when Michelangelo saw it that it would find its true purpose: to become the great statue of David!
  • Michelangelo was able to see something that others failed to see and carved around the hole!
  • And so, the problem became part of the solution – part of the masterpiece!
  • Michelangelo had the proper perspective – he did not look at the problem; he looked through the problem!
  • We all, at some time or other, experience giant problems in our lives – obstacles that appear insurmountable!
  • We can do two things:
    • We can, like King David, grab a sword and charge ahead! OR
    • We can grab a shield and run away!
  • What did Mary do when faced with her seemingly insurmountable problem – that she was pregnant outside of marriage – with some sort of special child?!
    • She sings out her praise and thanksgiving to God!
  • Seems strange, does it not?
  • BUT, her praise and thanksgiving, give Mary a whole different perspective of the problem!
    • She no longer sees the problem, the scandal, the fears, the uncertainties but rather the solution!
    • She can see through to the other side!
  • John, writing to the early Church that was dealing with huge problems – persecution, torture and death – also provided them with a different perspective!
    • He did not focus on the problems but rather, looked through them towards a solution –
      • God is in control!
    • Despite the fact that the Church is assaulted by powerful forces of evil – it is protected by God!
      • The early Christians needed to hear this, they needed to see further!
      • If they had not, they might well have given up on the task of creating the Church!
    • What are our problems today – what are your problems – what are mine?
      • There are so many we can find at this time – it is good to identify and name them!
    • We can look at them and moan about them – but that does us no good – it very seldom changes anything!
    • If Mary is our model – and this feast day reminds us that she is – then we should try to do what she did!
      • We must look at things with a different perspective!
    • Paul reminded the people of Corinth that Christ’s resurrection was the crowning event of salvation!
      • And that they would participate in that resurrection in the future!
    • This is the reason to change perspective!
    • Because of our baptism, we are able to work through any problem, even if it is as big as a six-ton hunk of marble with a hole right down the middle!
      • This is the reason for our praise and thanksgiving!
    • We must praise and thank God for our situation – for every situation
    • The more we are able to make praise and thanksgiving part of our day – every day
      • The more our perspective changes!
    • Michelangelo saw greatness in a flawed rock
    • God saw much more greatness in a simple young handmaiden from Nazareth!
    • And he sees greatness in us living stones – even with our holes and flaws!
    • Today’s feast reminds us that we should praise and thank God that he does see more in us than we are able to see in ourselves!
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