Confirmation 2024

Last 10 February, our young people, Daniel, Shasha-Anne, Darrian, Kevin, Dominic, Talia and John, were Confirmed as Catholic Christians; anointed with the Oil of Chrism – claimed by the Holy Spirit and filled with His power, wisdom, joy, peace and love. They have freely committed themselves to be Missionary Disciples; Evangelising the Gospel of Jesus. They are resolved to nurture their relationship with Jesus and grow more in His image day by day. They know there will be challenges but they are not afraid for they walk in and are protected by the Light.
This class has been a particular delight! Together, we have all grown in Faith, listening to one another and sharing our experience of life and its ups and downs. We have had great fun and many laughs (and cups of hot chocolate) on the journey to the Sacrament. The youngsters are strongly bonded; supportive friends who partake in loads of banter and gentle teasing.
May their onward journey be filled with abundant grace and joy; may they find courage in the Holy Spirit to face any and all obstacles that may come their way.
God bless you all! Deo Gratias!
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